• Normally closed
  • Electrically actuated
  • Swinging gate body
  • For shut-off service
  • For liquid and noncombustible gas service

Maxon valves with electro-mechanical actuators for quick opening or closing action 1/99

Normally closed shut-off valves are used in burner system fuel supply lines on industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, kilns, and other heating processes. All valves are designed to shut-off fuel automatically and instantly with any interruption in the electric power supplied through your safety circuit.

These valves are also used for the manual or motorized opening or closing of pipe lines carrying gases and liquids commonly used in industrial processes. Normally closed valves cannot be opened until the interlocking safety control circuit is proven and resulting electrical power is supplied to the shut-off valve. Motorized automatic valve actuators are used where remote access or unmanned applications are needed.